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Since its inception in March 2003 in Mumbai, Decimal Point Analytics has been a trusted partner to an entire spectrum of financial market professionals. We are thrilled to be able to deliver innovation in research processes through a team of experts in financial services and computing. Utilizing and scaling the values we bring into the engagements, our customers have been able to delight their end-customers and garner competitive advantage in the process.

Our entire financial research team based in Mumbai, India shares a common vision and pedigree. The team includes highly experienced professionals with advanced degrees in business and financial domain. The research wing is often complemented by a team of equally capable professionals at client locations with a common objective of delivering value to clients.

About Us

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This video captures our unique Value Proposition and how and why we are transforming research operations and analytics needs of investment management and financial intermediation businesses.

About Us

Our Products

Eco Pulse

EcoPulse is a technology-enabled platform created to deliver professional financial market content to financial intermediaries across equity, currency, commodity and other markets. The platform allows its users to establish a robust information proposition

Coffee Pulse

A web-based portal delivering ‘real-time actionable intelligence’ related to Coffee (Commodity); by leveraging proprietary technology and extensive domain experience. Make informed trading decisions with CoffeePulse.

Credit Pulse

Real time bankruptcy prediction model using natural language processing Our algorithm analyses the text of latest SEC filings and classifies companies as either 'High Risk' or 'Low Risk' for the upcoming quarters. This information is immensely useful to all asset managers.