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Awards and Recognition

Recognition received along our journey

We at Decimal Point Analytics continuously strive to deliver excellence to our clients through our technologically advanced products and services. We are an organization where every decimal contributes towards cultivating innovation in our culture.

Acknowledged as Indian SME
of the Year -2021

We are a proud to be the “Indian SME of the Year”, an award with which we were honoured by in the Third Edition of the prestigious “Indo French Business Awards 2021”. IFBA is organized by the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI) every year and this year it was held in March 2021. The Indo French Business Awards aims to recognize and appreciate the performance of IFCCI’s member companies i.e. Indian and French companies that have been operating in France and India respectively.

After receiving the award in presence of the French Ambassador to India and Union minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the CEO of Decimal Point Analytics, Mr. Shailesh Dhuri said, “Since its inception Decimal Point Analytics Pvt. Ltd. has been continuously working towards achieving excellence in financial research and consulting. We are glad that our efforts have been recognized by the industry.”

We not only view this recognition as a moment of pride but also of motivation and encouragement to reach new heights in our quest to generate alpha for our clients and the society at large.

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