Technology Edge | Decimal Point Analytics

Machine Mind Meld

Using AI and BI to glean insights from Structured / Unstructured data

We strive to help firms operating in the financial services industry with algorithmic solutions which automate the extraction of research intelligence from an ocean of data, both structured and unstructured. We use the tools of machine learning and big data to glean insights that human researchers cannot independently generate! Our cutting-edge technologies are designed and delivered by a team of professionals with deep expertise in data, advanced statistics and large scale programming, as well as substantial experience of the financial markets.

The Technology Edge

Our custom solutions bridge the gap between existing IT systems and operational requirements so as to improve efficiency, accuracy and speed of operations.

  • Application Development : Application Development and Support across multiple technology and asset classes
  • Automation : Automation of research processes and reporting
  • Web Crawlers : Web Crawlers (including Real-time data fetching, mining and classification)
  • Artificial Intelligence : Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Big Data : creating pioneering products and improving current processes
  • Support : Internet is emerging as an important source of market dynamics information. We build and maintain automated data and text gathering processes to build unique datasets for our clients

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