Values of Decimal Point Analytics

Extracting critical information

Generating business value while using time and resources optimally

To the finance industry professionals who are looking to seek ideas to deliver superior results, we offer a number of tailor-made solutions. Our flexible, scalable and cost-effective research and technology solutions enable our customers to free-up in-house time and efforts for more strategic and client-facing activities. We facilitate harnessing of relevant insights amidst the ‘information overload’ occurring nowadays. With our support, our customers are also able to test out new ideas and create new business opportunities.

Value Proposition

Actionable Intelligence provided in Real-Time

Powered by technology; Delivering efficient Automation

Proven Methodologies… Quality Focus… Stringent Timelines

Customized deliverables; white label research – everything as per your Business Requirement

Grooming High-end Knowledge workforce - 70% of our employees have a Post Graduate Degree in Finance

Constantly augmenting our capability – both in terms of domain skills and technology infrastructure

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