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“ज्ञानोदपि धनोदपि”

Prosper with Knowledge and Wealth

About Dnyanodapi Dhanodapi program

This is a unique program under which, we are offering job and post-graduation learning opportunities to academically bright graduates with financially weak background.

This will be a five-year program designed to provide the dual benefit of working in the corporate world and gaining a post-graduate degree. Students will get an opportunity of being mentored and trained by the subject matter experts from DPA. They shall tread on an unconventional path of working with a corporate first and later progressing to higher studies, which will give them an edge over their peers who follow a more conventional career path.

Our idea is to create a symbiosis between the society and our organisation. In our country, we have a lot of brilliant young minds with immense potential who are limited by their financial constraints or family issues. We want to support these students by helping them build their skill sets while offering them a corporate placement with enriching career opportunities.

Details of the program

  • Who can Apply

    • Student should have achieved over 70% marks in 10th & 12th standard
    • Graduates in any field B.E./ B.Tech. / B.Com. / B.M.S / B.M.M. / B.SC / B.A. with 0-3 years of work experience and over 60% aggregate marks in graduation
    • Maths must be one of the subjects in graduation
    • All students who have graduated post-2019 are eligible to apply
    • Application forms to be filled and submitted online here

    The selection of candidates will be basis tests and evaluations done by DPA. The results of the assessments will be shared with the institute and students post 15 days.

  • Program Features

    • The candidates will undergo an Internship program for the first six months
    • Post satisfactory completion of the internship, candidates would be taken on-rolls of DPA
    • For the next 2 years each candidate will undergo a series of trainings, spanning across all departments at DPA. These trainings will be coupled with job responsibilities for ease of application and understanding
    • Across the next two years, those who excel in work performance shall be sponsored for postgraduation by DPA
    • Employees on successful completion of post-graduation shall be eligible for higher roles in the organization

During the pandemic, shortlisted candidates would be allowed to work from home. Post the pandemic they shall have to work from DPA office locations. During the work from home period, candidates shall need a computer and Wifi connection to work.

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