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Risk Management

An Introduction to DPA’s Risk Consulting

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Risk is often an afterthought for financial institutions during strategy development. However, events ranging from the 2008 financial crisis to the recent pandemic have changed this worldview. Top management of Banks, Asset Managers, and Insurance companies have realized that a comprehensive view of their risks is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It enables them to provide appropriate checks and balances within a holistic risk management framework to counter the potential for individuals to discount seemingly compartmentalized risks that are significant at an overall organizational level.


Decimal Point Analytics’ (DPA) Risk Consulting works closely with client management to measure and monitor the risk. We also ensure that risk is integrated with the strategy-setting process to cater to Operational, Credit & Market risk along with ALM. DPA works with Banks and FIs to design, implement, and sustain effective capabilities & controls to manage their most critical risks. Through risk management, we assist them to recognize exposures & plug leakages, and reduce their adverse impact, thereby maximizing profits. We help evaluate loss data, scorecards, and existing models for reliable monitoring and reporting. In addition, as a partner to the client team, we work to implement new processes successfully over time.

Our services are for

Banks, Financial Institutions (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Family Offices, etc.); Investment Bankers, Insurance Companies:

  • Seeking to mitigate the exposure clients face across the entire portfolio and maximize profit.
  • Wanting to benchmark and improve the existing risk management framework.
  • Looking to formalize its risk management efforts across the enterprise.

How do our services move toward risk management?

Instilling a risk-based culture is crucial to realize the ongoing benefits your organization can derive from an operational, credit or investment perspective. DPA’s risk consulting works with you to enhance existing risk frameworks & processes and create customized solutions. DPA’s activities include:

  • data governance and gap analysis.
  • recalibration and validation of Obligor and facility risk rating models along with other market instruments.
  • helping in modeling institution-specific stress scenarios on liquidity, forex and interest rate.

DPA’s strengths lie in

  1. Operational Risk
  2. Market Risk & ALM and
  3. Credit Risk.
Risk Management

Why prefer DPA for your Risk consulting needs?

Creating cutting-edge solutions for more than 19 years, we are a name to reckon with among data analytics service companies servicing multiple clients across developed economies with a team size above 700+ members. From a sophisticated investor base to newer age risks, our streamlined methodology would help our clients to implement customized Risk Management solutions.

Our technology capabilities help us to handle voluminous data in big data projects and adhere to data privacy laws irrespective of geographical boundaries. Having completed over 700 projects with very positive client outcomes, DPA is well poised to deliver to its potential in the risk management domain. Our financial data analytics services cover aspects like data management & warehousing, process automation, and asset management that secures you in this risk-regulated environment. In the context of client requirements, we have been a part of multiple cloud-based data transformation projects worldwide, which speaks of our technological capabilities.

With our passion for risk consulting and technology-driven solutions, we have proven to be a valuable asset for our clients, contributing meaningfully to analytics in finance for years. By collaborating with you, we ensure our services are provided via secure remote access with an Indian team, based offshore that is responsive, well-trained and tuned to evolving market regulations. We offer solutions that contribute risk management techniques to enhance your performance.

DPA’s risk management services prepare you for unexpected cyber threats and malicious data leakages. Our team of competent experts understands the need to protect your financial status and leads your company to mitigate potential risks.

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